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There are so many big breast paysites to review out there that it seems like every other site nowadays is a big tit related site. So what Rated Sex had to do was be picky about which sites to review. Now granted, back when we started 7 years ago we needed to fill this site out with a whole bunch of reviews so we were more liberal about the sites we reviewed. Unfortunately we gave them good reviews because at the time that's all we had, not a lot to choose from. Times have changed in the world of big tit paysites so now we only review big tit sites that really catch our attention. In the future we plan on going back to the older big tit sites and editing their reviews. A big boob paysite that did well in 2002 might not do well now that's for sure.

Highest Ranked Big Tit Paysite - Big Naturals
Big Naturals

Paysite Name: Big Naturals
Paysite Niche: Big Tits, Big Ass
Trial Membership: $1.00 Trial
Monthly Fees: $7.97 Per Month
Content: All Exclusive Content
Update Frequency: Updated Weekly

Big Naturals
Big Naturals


Of all the big boob paysites perhaps the most popular one has to be Big Naturals. This site got it's start a long time ago and has since provided us with some great boobs. Times have passed though and the same sites become stale after a while no matter how many hot chicks you bring in. So to pick a winner in the big breast category we'll have to go with Big Tits Round Asses. This one has real nice girls and the camera work is good. It's a Bang Pass site and most sites created by them get reviewed favorably here.